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Q: What do I need to Bring?

When taking a charter with Fishing Florida Flats, you should bring the following: Sun protection, rain gear, food, drinks (water will be provided), and a device to take pictures!

Q: Where do I get picked up?

You will be picked up at a designated location. Depending on where you are being picked up as requested, or told by a captain, you can view the pickup location HERE.

Q: How Far out will we go?

When on a fishing charter with Fishing Florida Flats, we have plenty of fishing holes at varying distances. We will not bring you uncomfortably far, you will be able to see the shoreline on the horizon at all fishing holes.

Q: How deep is the water?

The Gulf of Mexico isn't terribly deep on our side of the gulf. In shallower spots, the depth will range around 4'-5'. Spots more than 5 miles out will range around 8'-12'.

Of course! All captains have years of experience and are trained and willing to teach you how to fish. Captains will teach you how to cast and retrieve a fish without losing bait or breaking line!

Q: Can i go if i don't know how to fish?

q: What is included in the Fishing Charter?

Everything you need to fish! This includes, all fishing bait, tackle, fishing licenses, rods, reels, water, and of course a boat!

The answer to that is simple, no. You do not need a fishing license to be with us. This is because our captains are licensed. Their license includes yours.

q: Do i need a fishing license?